Hey Guys (Big wave!) It's Ally 

Welcome to my website! I am an international psychic and tarot reader that specialises in love and relationships. I run a flourishing youtube channel which has quickly taken flight, I have now been made an official youtube partner. You can find the channel and see me “collective” read at:  

I have never had an earthly spirit teacher

and have purely been taught by spirit. I am clairaudient (meaning I hear spirit) and clairvoyant (meaning I see spirit) I use the tarot cards as my tool – I work with these intuitively and with my guide and your spirit team meaning I am able to channel messages from the divine to you to help you through your situations, see the most probable outcomes and give you any divine guidance and advice to help you move your situation forward. I always say from spirit, through spirit to spirit.

I am naturally gifted psychic since birth. 

I have always connected, seen, heard and interacted with spirit. As a young girl my baby brother lost his life and that was when my gift really started to take off. I would see him walking around the home, I would talk to him every day, I also had a lot of “imaginary friends” but it always felt normal to me.  I picked up my first tarot deck 8 years ago, knew exactly what I was doing and started doing paid readings a month later. I have never looked back.

How I Read

Spirit have always told me that to read in the depth that I do for you all, I must experience everything that you have and are currently going through. I must also experience it from all angles of everyone involved. At 32 it has made for a very interesting (but difficult) life. However, what I have learnt along the way and the lessons I have gone through mean that my readings are fully supportive, non-judgemental and are coming from a place of love and healing.