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If you want to get in touch with me to ask a question about my services, please use the form below. Don't worry, you won't be added to any marketing list, you'll only get one reply from me unless I can't fully answer you in my first response.. Normally I will get in touch within 1 working day.

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Email: I will let you have my email address after your initial enquiry on the Contact Form (this helps me avoid too many spam issues by having my email address shown here !)

Postal: Ally at Mystic Love Tarot, Unit 19101, PO Box 4336, Manchester. M61 0BW. United Kingdom

How I Read

Spirit have always told me that to read in the depth that I do for you all, I must experience everything that you have and are currently going through. I must also experience it from all angles of everyone involved. At 32 it has made for a very interesting (but difficult) life. However, what I have learnt along the way and the lessons I have gone through mean that my readings are fully supportive, non-judgemental and are coming from a place of love and healing.