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For how to make a booking please see my Services page. 

For other questions about the readings that I do,  please click on the appropriate FAQ below to reveal the answer. For any questions not listed here then please reach out using the contact form on the Contact web page.

How  Do You Work?

I want to book a reading.  How long might it take for you to do this reading; and how does it work?

How does a video reading work because I’m not face to face?

Can you tell me when (using a time frame) something is going to happen?

Do you just do romance readings or can you touch on other subjects?

What information do you need before reading for me?

When should I rebook?

Can I pay in my own currency?

How private is my reading?

What types of payment do you take?

Are there any questions you will not answer?

What is your refund policy?

How I Read

Spirit have always told me that to read in the depth that I do for you all, I must experience everything that you have and are currently going through. I must also experience it from all angles of everyone involved. At 32 it has made for a very interesting (but difficult) life. However, what I have learnt along the way and the lessons I have gone through mean that my readings are fully supportive, non-judgemental and are coming from a place of love and healing.