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I have never had an earthly Spirit teacher and have purely been taught by Spirit. I am clairaudient (meaning I hear Spirit) and clairvoyant (meaning I see Spirit) I use the tarot cards as my tool – I work with these intuitively and with my guide and Spirit meaning I am able to channel messages from the Divine to you to help you through your situations, see the most probable outcomes and give you any Divine guidance and advice to help you move your situation forward. I always say from Spirit, through Spirit to Spirit.

I complete the private readings and manifesting plans in the order that I receive confirmed (and paid) bookings. Once payment is received I pop you straight down on the "magic" list and secure your booking.

I do have a turnaround time of a number of days but this can vary from week to week. You will be advised of how long it might take when you make your initial enquiry. Please be patient with me!

Your reading is recorded in the form of a video which gets uploaded to YouTube on your own personal link that I send you; this means that only you and I can access the video. All videos are 100% confidential and all information is data protected. As you are probably aware I always "go with the flow" with readings and tell you the direct information from Spirit, the Divine and from the cards. This added to any of your questions and any background information gives you the in depth reading you require.

When you make a booking you are agreeing to my terms and conditions - to view click here. Please also view my Privacy Statement and Cookie Policy.

My psychic abilities and spiritual connection are tapped in, tuned in and turned on at all times regardless of where you are located. In the higher dimensions there is no such thing as time only energy. For me to read for you, I tap into your own unique universal energy frequency meaning that you do not have to be sitting in front of me, face to face or at a set time because it works purely on me accessing your energy. When you book a reading you give me permission to enter into your energy.

Yes I can include timings in readings, however I always ask for a little leeway with them. Time is fluid so when timings are given in readings they are set for the current point in time when I am reading, in other words right here, right now as I read your tarot cards. However because of free will and time not existing in the higher dimensions you need to be in full allowance that timings can shift.

I mainly do romance readings but on request I am able to look at other types of readings including: career, past life, life purpose and spiritual pathway readings

For a romance reading I will need the first names of anyone you wish to know about so I can get into their energy straight from yours. The starsigns of you and your person are also helpful. It is really your preference on how much information you send over to me. Some people send a summary of what has been happening and where they are currently with “their person” and also their questions. Some people send all the above and pictures of them and their person and some people prefer to give less information and just send over the questions. Your information and questions are then drawn up into tarot spreads by me and my guide ready for your reading.

You can rebook in whenever you want to. I do advise people to book in when they feel the need to. Some people book in every few weeks, some every month or two and some once a year. It is completely down to your personal preference.

The prices are in Great British Pounds and US Dollars. If you make a payment in a currency other than these, a currency conversion is needed for your payment. This is made by PayPal using the retail exchange rate and they charge me a fee for doing this. The fee depends on the currency you are converting to but this price is included in your payment to me so you do not have to pay the conversion fees, I pay them for you.

Your reading is recorded in the form of a video which gets uploaded to YouTube on your own personal link that I send you; this means that only you and I can access the video. All videos are 100% confidential and all information is data protected.

PayPal is the only method of payment I can currently accept. 

I cannot answer questions relating to legal, financial or health (including pregnancy) matters as I do not have any qualifications in this field.

Bookings for readings can be cancelled not less than 48 hours before they are scheduled to take place in which event I will refund your payment. I am entitled to charge the full fee for cancellation on shorter notice. At the time of booking I aim to give an indication of when the reading is planned to take place and therefore made available to you. There can however be no guarantee that such delivery time can be met but I will advise you of any likely delay. In the event of an unreasonable delay, you will be entitled to a refund should you decide to cancel the reading.

In the future I intend to offer courses and webinars. Bookings for these courses and webinars cannot be cancelled and I will not refund any advance payments in the event of a cancellation by you or a failure to attend the online training course or webinar. The time scheduled for your course or webinar will have been reserved in anticipation of your using it and I will not be able to fill any vacancies on your part. You will not be able to apply any advance payment to a subsequent booking.

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