Life Purpose Readings


Have you ever wondered why you are here? What is your purpose on being on this earth? What should you be learning? What is this really all about? This reading will look into your life purpose and answering the long-life question of “why am I actually here?“ Using a variety of decks we delve deep into the reason for your existence, what is your overall life purpose, why you are actually here and what you will be striving to achieve in your future.

This reading will help you gain clarity on the answers that you seek and will help you in making headway in a positive direction to help you focus on a phenomenal future.

What I need from you:

For a life purpose reading I will need your full name given at birth (including middle names) as well as your date of birth. This reading will start off by looking into your numerology and this is why this information is needed.


Life purpose readings work on a different vibrational frequency from normal psychic readings so these readings need to be half hour long and are not able to be merged with regular readings.

The cost of a life purpose reading is $85 USD (£67) due to preparation time of numerology

About booking a video reading:

The readings I do are video based (just like you see on youtube) Your reading will get uploaded to YouTube on your own private link that I send you; this means that only you and I can access the video. Your reading is 100% confidential and data protected.

Loyalty Scheme on readings:

Once you have had 90 minutes worth of readings completed you are entitled to a free 15 minute video reading. You can choose if you wish to save your free fifteen minute reading and buy an additional fifteen minutes to make it up to a half hour reading.

How to book:

Please complete the Contact Form on my contact web page with details of your requirements and I will reply on how to make a definite booking , as well as giving you an estimated time scale.

I can secure your reading place once money has been transferred. To secure your reading preference you will need to transfer the appropriate money through PayPal to my Paypal account which I will provide you details of by email. If you have any problems doing this let me know and I can send a Paypal money request to you.

When you make a booking you are agreeing to my terms and conditions. Please see my Privacy Statement. 

How long until you receive your reading?

I complete the private readings in the order that the money is transferred and secured. When I receive your payment, I pop you straight down on the waitlist and secure your booking. As you are aware, I do have a turnaround time that varies week to week. Please get in touch to find out what the turnaround time is before you book. I will do your reading at the earliest possible time I can within this period. I ask you to be fully aware of the turnaround time before you book and be patient in the time it takes me to get the reading back to you.

Guiding you into a phenomenal future

with clarity, love and support