Manifesting Plans


Manifesting is an art form used to turn your dreams into reality (by using a variety of universal techniques) A manifesting plan gives you all the techniques and skills to manifest ANYTHING you want into your reality. All plans are done on an individual basis depending on what YOU would like to bring into your world; they are tailored completely to you and your personal needs. Not one manifesting plan is the same as the next - they all have different tools and techniques to move your individual situation forward.


I have a few options for bookings on manifesting plans: all prices include the time preparing your plan, working with you and your needs, drawing up your individual techniques and your full PDF document.

Manifesting Plans

  • Manifesting plans are $70 USD (£54 GBP)

Manifesting Plan Bundles:

  • Manifesting plan plus 30 minute video reading - $ 125 USD / £95 GBP (instead of $145/ £110)
  • Manifesting plan plus 15 minute video reading - $ 110 USD/ £ 83 GBP (instead of $120 /£91)

Manifesting plans are helpful to do after a reading as your reading will often highlight the blocks that are happening around you. These blocks mean that there can be a stagnant energy in manifesting and they need to be looked at first before the bigger manifestations. We (being my guides and I ) would advise to have a reading along with the plan due to the above, however it is not a necessity if you just wish to book a plan.

Manifesting Plans - what I need from you.

To draw up you individual and specific plan I will need you to answer the following questions.

  • So tomorrow you woke up to your new life - the universe has granted you as many miracles as you would like - what would your life look like? (both short term and long term miracles)
  • Please think of all areas of your life - love, career, money, health etc
  • Short term goals examples could be: resume contact, meeting up, arranging a date, planning a future together
  • Long term goal examples could be: getting married, children, committed relationship, living in a mansion etc :)

If you are looking to manifest love (or love with your specific person) I will need the answers to this:

  • What do you need from them? For example: love, commitment, monogamy, integrity etc
  • And what is it that you want to be? For example: more confident, more self love, no jealousy, no insecurity, feeling stable. 
  • Are you open to manifesting a new lover into your life? This is completely personal choice if your heart is set on someone specific, or if you would be open to bringing in someone brand new into your life.

How to book:

Please complete the Contact Form on my contact web page with details of your requirements and I will reply on how to make a definite booking, as well as giving you an estimated time scale.

I can secure your reading place once money has been transferred. To secure your reading preference you will need to transfer the appropriate money through PayPal to my PayPal account which I will provide you details of by email. If you have any problems doing this let me know and I can send a PayPal money request to you.

When you make a booking you are agreeing to my terms and conditions. Please see my Privacy Statement.

How long until you receive your reading?

I complete the private readings in the order that the money is transferred and secured. When I receive your payment, I pop you straight down on the waitlist and secure your booking. As you are aware, I do have a turnaround time that varies week to week. Please get in touch to find out what the turnaround time is before you book. I will do your reading at the earliest possible time I can within this period. I ask you to be fully aware of the turnaround time before you book and be patient in the time it takes me to get the reading back to you.

Guiding you into a phenomenal future

with clarity, love and support